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Kassandra Hobart, FNTP

With time, patience and a little bit of pressure, anything is possible. 

As a Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, I educate and cultivate healthy habits for individuals, groups and companies. I take a functional holistic approach to coaching your health and wellness aspirations. I'll help you break through barriers, creating healthy patterns and a better quality of life.

 Functional health and wellness is applicable to the business world. Consuming whole foods in proportionate amounts throughout the day helps executive teams maintain energy levels, cognitive skills, and lower stress responses just like any of the top athletes we read about. These two perspectives differ in degree, not by kind. My speciality is using my unique experience in both worlds to support your goals inside and outside the gym.


I take a functional approach to heal your underlying root causes while addressing symptoms at the same time. Nutrition is more than a diet or meal plan. It is preventive medicine. I look at the whole picture in order to optimize your goals.


Personalized, functional nutrition is the answer.

Is Your Body Tired? 


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